Lisa called for some 'splaining, so here it is.

We're really going to do it. Go to Europe, that is. We've purchased our tickets. Cheap tickets, I might add. Flying into one city- Paris- and out of another- Stuttgard (home of Mercedes Benz and a lot of trees, according to our guidebook) - cut the cost of the flight dramatically. We're in the process of planning our itinerary, but the gist is that we'll spend a few days in Paris at an "Old World vintage one star" hotel, then make our way by train to Bern to visit Nadja, our good friend from seminary. Hopefully we'll also visit my high school friend Sara in Zurich. From there we'll travel to Germany for the return flight. It will be about 10 nights total, in February.

This is something both of us have always wanted to do, and we realized that this is the time to do it... so we are. It's a combined Christmas + five year anniversary gift to one another.

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