Music Monday (1)

I've been tinkering with a regular blogging idea for awhile: Music Monday. I am one of those people whose zeal for music cannot be contained. I could blog excusively about music recommendations. But I won't; from now on I'll offer up one music recommendation each Monday. Whenever possible, I'll include a link to free downloads of the featured artist.

The first Music Monday musician is Jeremy Casella. I don't have his album yet, but I did download all of the freebies from his website a while back. I often listen to the iTunes party shuffle at work, and after lunging across the room to find out who was responsible for the beautiful music a number of times, I finally made the connection that I really, really like Jeremy Casella. He's part of the Square Peg Alliance, a treasure trove of Christ-haunted independent musicians. Casella is a great lyricist, powerfully spare. In "You Whisper Something," a co-written duet with Phil Keaggy, the refrain is simple and earnest and never fails to give me spiritual goosebumps: "You whisper something my heart can understand." Of the free demos, only "Release Me" feels slightly overproduced and uncentered. Still, you don't get the feel that he's aiming for the cover of CCM Magazine. A good rubric for music in the Judeo-Christian tradition is whether or not it feels a bit like the psalms, and this stuff does.

You can also listen to some tracks at Mr. Casella's MySpace page.

Let me know if you check it out and like it, okay? I'm curious to know just how much weight my recommendations carry. ;-)

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