Wrinkles, etcetera.

Last night I was playing around in iPhoto. After I'd de-red-eyed my library and turned a few photos black and white, I decided to see what the "retouch" button could do. I was working on a picture that featured shiny happy people holding hands, and figured it wouldn't hurt to make myself a little less shiny. One pouf of digital powder and my t-zone no longer glistened. And then I figured, why stop there? And proceeded to smooth over every last wrinkle and blemish until I was left with version 2.0 of myself. I didn't exactly look younger, just better. It was exhilarating and a little bit depressing. I would never get plastic surgery, but all of a sudden I understood why people do. One click of the "revert" button and the photo will be back to my normal, ordinary self. My skin will be back to that of a former lifeguard who is in that unfortunate stage where the blemishes of adolescence overlap with the wrinkles of age. Back to the skin that I'm in. Just in time for New Years, last night's exercise sparked a new resolution: sunscreen every day and moisturizer every night.

And no more retouch button.

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