Friday Five: Countdown

Please count down five living people you admire and tell us a little something about why they make your list. These could be famous people or people you know personally.


Okay. So I'm going to try to redeem myself from yesterday's moment of celebrity meltdown by listing five famous people who are a little more admirable than Mr. Posh Spice. In my defense, though, I adored Bend it Like Beckham, and was channeling my enthusiasm for the Brit-Bolly soccer flick as well as my hope that soccer really would take off more in the US. And that professional women's soccer would make a comeback. Anyway.

5. Jim Wallis.
I don't absolutely adore Jim Wallis. I don't even get Sojourners anymore, and I haven't kept up with all that goes on with his ministry. But he is a powerful advocate for social justice, and he seems to have the capacity to mobilize people and elicit the media attention necessary to fuel widespread change.

4. Barack Obama.
Maybe he's exploiting his progressive Christian beliefs to spin a little faith-talk into the Democratic party. Maybe he's a flash in the pan. Maybe he's too young. Maybe he's just as s susceptible to corruption as any. But maybe not. He is a politician who gives me hope.

3. Wendell Berry.
Farmer, writer, & advocate of peace, earth, and Sabbath.

2. Rev. Sharon Watkins
First woman to be elected General Minister and President of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It was amazing to witness the unanimous vote that brought her pastoral and prophetic presence to the forefront of our church.

1. Katherine Paterson
It is only appropriate that she should top the list, since this is her year.

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