Just Call Me "Preacher Perchey"

Is it just me, or is this wild?

I just found out I was quoted in the December 2006 issue of Christianity Today - alongside the likes of St. Augustine, C.H. Spurgeon, St. Jerome, and a couple other icons of the Christian faith. (Cue song: one of these things is not like the others...) The quote is from my first Christmas Eve sermon, i.e., the one that seemed pretty good on paper but landed with a big thunk about three feet in front of the pulpit.

Don't worry too much about my head getting big. They misspelled my name, hence the new nickname. And the copy I requested will be accompanied by an invoice for $3.95. I wonder, if St. Augustine were around to discover after the fact that his words had been included in their glossy, would he have to fork over the big bucks, too? (In all fairness, I did say I'd be happy to pay for a copy in my baffled email to the editorial board. I understand that one probably has to contribute more than four sentences to merit a complimentary copy.)

Here it is. Wild.

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