Music Monday (6): Hometown Boy

Last week's nostalgia for my high school band experiences awakened nostalgia for another high school band - the resident semi-successful garage band of SMFHS, circa the mid 90s: Lost. They used to play at Brady's Cafe, which was big stuff for a bunch of teenagers. Joey Beltram, their frontman, went alt-country and continued to play at Brady's through college. I really should remember the name of his second band; one of my roommates was their violinist.

Last year when Lisa was visiting, we erroneously thought the Joey Beltram from Northeastern Ohio was playing at the major music festival Coachella; alas, there is another Joey Beltram who is a darling of the electronica/rave scene. But I've tracked down the Real Joey Beltram, and he has a band called Goodmorning Valentine. It's good stuff, and I'm not just saying that because we had the same gym teacher.

You can listen to Goodmorning Valentine on their MySpace page, or visit their website for some free mp3 downloads.

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