Music Monday (7)

I really like Ron Sexsmith. A lot. He's a nice Canadian boy who writes beautiful songs. Or for a more substantive perspective, let me quote Josh Hurst from the Arts & Faith forum: "There aren't too many artists working today who I love more than this guy, and perhaps none who can match his humility and gentle, restrained eloquence. He's a lyricist of uncommon warmth and romance, and his melodies can hold their own against Elvis Costello or Paul Simon any day. He's an uncannily cheery fellow, with lyrics that come perilously close to sentimentality but somehow transcend schmaltz, ringing with honesty and sincerity."

Like I said, a nice Canadian boy who writes beautiful songs.

We're going to see him on Friday night.


He's been under the radar for a long time, but soon he'll be touring with Madeleine Peyroux for a couple months, and she's the cat's pajamas right now. His newest album is Time Being, and while I love it, I think my favorite will always be Blue Boy. Though Whereabouts is lovely. And Other Songs is crucial. And his self-titled debut is timeless. I guess you'll just have to become a completist. But start here, where you can listen to four songs and watch a video for All in Good Time.

"It all seems so obvious now/ When I look back over my life/ There’s a need for sorrow and doubt/ For darkness and for light/ It’s how it must be."

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