Sniffle Sniffle

I'm sick. I said, as recently as last week, that I hadn't gotten a sinus infection ever since we moved out of the Inland Empire of Smog to the beach cities, where all our junky air is quickly blown inland. When we were on the edge of San Bernardino county, I was sick every other month. I ran my anti-sickness procedures to no avail; it finally caught up with me. Even before the tell-tale sore throat kicked on on Sunday afternoon, I knew something was up. Both times in the service where I pray with my eyes closed, I had to grip the stable objects in front of me to stop from keeling over. My equilibrium is shot. And I can't stay warm. I'm sitting in the office wearing tights, a long skirt made out of sweatshirt material (my favorite hold-over from Marie's days at the Gap), a sweater, and my long winter coat (as in, the coat I wore in single digit weather in Ohio). I have the thermostat kicked up over 70 degrees, and I'm shivering. I'm sneezing a ton, which is normal for those who know me in real life, but these are big painful sneezes.

I've gotten enough done, and collected enough reading for my sermon this week, to earn the afternoon home sick. So I'm off, with a stop for more cold medicine and juice on the way home.

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