Today I toured Point Vicente Interpretive Center with the fellowship group from church. I learned a lot about the geology of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. It used to be the ninth Channel Island, until the erosion from the Santa Monica Mountains filled in the Los Angeles Basin; now just a fault line separates the mainland from the peninsula. It continues to rise, something like 3/4 of an inch per century. It also continues to fall into the ocean, due to frequent landslides.

Part of what the center does, in addition to reminding poor midwesterners of the unnerving dynamics of California land, is keep track of the whales that pass through on their annual roundtrip migration from Alaska to Baja California. Volunteers sit vigil by the ocean during the winter months, looking for the tell-tale signs of gray whales. We didn't see any today, but we know they were there earlier. Dave and John recorded a pair at dawn.

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