Miscellany Monday

For the record, I know that I'm probably writing way more than most people want to know about our trip to Europe. When I was reading through the second part, it reminded me of the emails I used to send to my mama during my first year of college: I documented nearly everything I ate. I know there are a few people who really want all the details, so I'm laying it all out. At least as much as I remember... so much is already fading.

I do hope to revel in our Zurich memories soon. But this week is unusual. I'm speaking at the Regional Women's Convocation this weekend. It isn't that different than an ordinary sermon, but it's enough different that I'm all atwitter.

We watched altogether too much television yesterday after church - in addition to the Oscars, we caught up with Saturday Night Live on TiVo (a.k.a. Sunday Afternoon Recorded). I was very eager to hear Arcade Fire, as I have been given every reason to believe that they are a band I would like a lot. The music was great, but I was so utterly turned off by the smashing of the guitar at the end of the first song. When Win Butler came out with a mandolin for the second song, Ben and I were placing bets as to whether it would meet the same sorry demise. As soon as I get over the spectacle (about which Gawker gawked under a headline reading "Arcade Fire Invents Frightening New Rock Music Technique"), I do imagine that I will end up really liking AF.

Oh, and one more thing. Music Monday (10). I never imagined there could be a scenario in which I would not run out and buy the newest Over the Rhine album. But their recent release, Discount Fireworks, is a career retrospective with just one song that I didn't already have. That being said, it's an excellent complilation that spans the length of their career (something like 15 years of recordings). If you've thought about checking out OtR but were unsure where to start, this would be a good place. And then you can come back and tease me that you have an Over the Rhine CD that I don't have - and that's saying something, as at last count iTunes claims we could listen to them for 24 hours straight.

Okay, I lied, one MORE thing. I made up a really yummy soup recipe yesterday after church, which I think would appropriately be called Really Lazy Chicken Tortilla Soup, as I basically cut out the need to do anything but dump things in the pot. Here it is:

Start heating up one box of Low Sodium Chicken Broth, plus about the same amount of water. Add one large can of chicken, a can of beans (I used kidney), and a can of fire-roasted tomatoes (I chopped up whole tomatoes and only used 2-3 tablespoons of the additional tomato sauce they were packed in, as I don't like things to be too tomato-y). Add 1/2 bag of frozen corn, and one chopped roasted red pepper. For seasoning, I added a teaspoon of cumin, some salt (to taste- I originally added too much salt, which is why I ended up adding more liquid), a touch of cayenne, and then lots of freshly ground chipotle pepper, which is my new favorite spice. I just simmered it for awhile- long enough to go to the store for some tortilla chips when it became clear that I'd made tortilla soup.

It was really pretty good, and very colorful. It has a kick, but that could easily be avoided by passing on the cayenne.

And that's it for today's edition of miscellany.

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