Music Monday (8): The "I Told You So" Version

I do Music Monday because I love music, and I love sharing the music I love most. But I also do MM because I like to think I have fine taste in music - a good ear for great songwriting and authentic performance. So it's rather vindicating that the song that tops the "most played" list in our iTunes library is up for a major award. Allison Sattinger, about whom I previously gushed here, is a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. The acclaimed song is "So Much Grace." In addition to the primary competitions (which are judged by artists like Brian Wilson and Amy Ray and That Dude from Modest Mouse, as well as major industry executives), there is also a "peoples' choice" award that is decided by the public... that's where you come in. I humbly beseech thee to follow this link, listen up, and use your suffrage to lend a little support to Ms. Sattinger. They'll ask you nicely to register, and then you can vote once daily until February 28th.

It's a gorgeous song that I manage to love more every time I hear it. Enjoy! And vote!

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