A Small Paragraph on Politics

Last night we watched Jon Stewart interview Zbigniew Brzezinski on the Daily Show. I'm sorry to say that I had very little previous knowledge of Mr. B., who was the National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter. I had read his recent op ed piece in the LA Times. Mr. B. was and is a controversial public figure, and I don't really know enough about him or his actions, policies, or opinions to form a definitive idea of what I think of the guy. I do know that hearing him talk to Jon Stewart made me terribly sad. I don't have a transcript, but he talked about how President Bush had squandered the credibility and the legitimacy of the United States by our involvement in the war in Iraq. Not to mention the thousands upon thousands of lives. I've certainly heard (and thought) many statements of frustration regarding the war, but this one permeated the barrier of numbness I hadn't fully realized I'd constructed. It was comfortable hiding out behind my generalized disapproval of the current administration. It would probably be easy to slip back into a disgruntled yet disengaged citizenship, resting on the laurels of the paltry anti-war demonstrating I did in early 2003. But it would be better to stay in this harsher light for a while, I think. My frustration is different than it used to be. I'd like to think it's a little more nuanced, though if I know anything, it's that I hardly know anything. I just hope that this is a ship that can be turned around. I don't want the United States to be such a broken and arrogant nation. I want it to be good as much as I want it to be safe. Brzezinski also commented that we just have to get through the rest of this administration and hope for positive change in 2008, but you know? It's kind of hard to be enthusiastic when the media is so fixated on whether Americans would vote for a woman or a black man or a Mormon. I hope for hope.

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