Can 'o Worms

On Monday night, Ben kicked me out of the living room because he wanted to watch professional wrestling. He loves the stuff, but won't watch it with me in the room because apparently getting shamed by The Wife counteracts the thrill of watching large men pretend to beat each other up. I can always tell wrestling is on, because he'll start suggesting that I must have other things to do, no? And as soon as I hit the hallway, the sound of WWE Raw descended upon our house.

So that's how I ended up innocently opening up iWeb, the web design program that comes standard on our MacBook. I've known for awhile that our home(l)y little church website needed work, though I hadn't made any decisions about how or when I might do the makeover.

Five hours later, I clicked "save."

Getting the website published turned out to be a bigger deal than creating it. Theoretically, iWeb sites can be published to non-.Mac web hosts, but it is not an easy process on account of the way the files are named and saved. It was just delightful to discover that after I'd already deleted the old website to make room for the new! More work, more time.

There's still some tweaking to do. Because .Mac uses "http://web" instead of "http://www," I can't use the domain masking feature, so the pages have long and unwieldy addresses. But if you click here, you should see the penultimate results of the can 'o worms I opened up Monday night.

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