You Can't Make Stuff Like This Up

Tomorrow my husband is going to coach a basketball game.

You want to know his starting line-up?

Miss Oklahoma, Miss Oregon, Miss Pennsylvania, Miss Rhode Island, and Miss Universe.

I'm not kidding. My husband is going to counsel Miss Universe on her free throws, people. Miss Universe.

The organization he works for is the official charity of the Miss U.S.A. pageant. The beauty queens are dropping by for a basketball tournament with the community. (I'm pretty sure tomorrow's games will not be considered by the judges.)

I'll be elsewhere, spending the day trying (not?) to imagine my dear and faithful husband surrounded by beautiful women.

Maybe you can help me out for next year. Ben and I will be running in a 5k in May to raise money for his company (it's a non-profit that provides services for people with intellectual disabilities). If we raise enough money, maybe they won't need to have this basketball tournament next year, and I'll be spared the mortification of Ben huddling up with next year's batch of finalists. It's worth a shot - click here for more information.

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