An Unexpected Twist

For the record, I didn't mean to fish for "keep writing" comments. I'm never very fond of the dramatic "maybe I'll just leave... I'm leaving now... see me leaving? Oh, you don't want me to leave? Fine, then, I'll stay!!" When I wrote the Boringest Blog post, I wasn't really all that serious about extracting myself from the blogosphere. I really do have something invested in this little site. I get freaked out sometimes that I haven't printed any of it out, and if blogger had some kind of glitch and lost everything (knock on wood), I'd be out a whole lot of writing. Plus, in addition to keeping up with family and old friends, I have met a lot of wonderful people through this and other virtual lily pads of cyberconnection, and I value those friendships.

That said, I got to thinking about an article I read a year or two ago. I can't remember who wrote it or where I read it, but it was written by a woman who had decided to stop blogging because it was hindering her writing. She wasn't working on her novel because she was blogging about American Idol - or something like that. I've always blogged to write, but a few months ago a different sort of writing project started to bubble under the surface. Here I will be totally transparent with my hidden, ridiculous ambition: when we were in the London airport, a big fat book idea came into being in my head. I scribbled some notes somewhere, but I really didn't need them. The idea is still hanging out in my head, complete with a vividly imagined protagonist and a plot that I hope is more of an inevitable myth than a predictable morality tale. If I am going to write it, there is one thing I absolutely must do: write it. (How's that for tautological thinking?) It may turn out to be a terrible, potboiler of a manuscript, but I'll never know if I don't commit it to paper.

I am not going to blog it. But maybe this blog can be of use in a different way. Having an audience motivates me to post a couple times a week. Perhaps broadcasting my aspirations to fiction will serve as the motivation I need to make the fiction a reality.

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