Holy Roller (Coasters)

We both had the day off today, so to celebrate the end of one busy season (and the beginning of another) we decided we should Do Something Fun. We settled on going to Six Flags Magic Mountain, a huge roller coaster park up in the valley. Being from Ohio, I've spent quite a few happy days at amusement parks: Geagua Lake, King's Island, and the ever-impressive Cedar Point. We've been to both Disneyland and California Adventureland since living in So Cal, but both were too mild for our thrillseeking ways.

Many of my Cedar Point trips were with the band. Invariably, there would be a group of girls (girls who played clarinet and flute) who preferred riding the carousel and adding to their collections of trinkets emblazoned with those photos they make you pose for as you enter the park. I silently scoffed at such behavior; why would you bother going all that way only to miss out on getting spun silly on the Raptor?

I hereby repent of any and all scoffing I directed their way.

I am officially not a fan of roller coasters anymore. I don't know if I've gotten wiser or lamer in my old age, but I nearly had a nervous breakdown on the Tatsu (tagline: "fly at the speed of fear"). They hook you up in the usual safety contraptions and then some, and right before you take off, the seats rotate so your back is parallel with the track and you're facing the ground. The ground which is soon hundreds of feet away, and careening closer at 62m/h. All I could think was how hard I would hit the concrete when my harness gave out. Because I was trying to be a good sport for Ben (who was loving every minute of it, despite his should-know-better 32 years), I rode six more rides, passing only on the highest/fastest stand-up roller coaster in the world. Each time I thought my head was going to explode, though I'm not sure if it was because it was doing corkscrews or because I was obsessed with all the bolts holding the seats in, bolts that surely needed to be tightened with some regularity, and do the seasonal workers who make minimum wage at Six Flags remember to tighten them?''

On the bright side, the company was good. And I'll sure sleep well tonight - right after I do some research about the long-term affects of g-force on the brain.

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