Maundy Thursday

I really like Maundy Thursday. I have ever since I was a kid. I wasn't all that into church when I was little, but something about being in the sanctuary at night caught my attention. I can't think of too many other times we would have worshipped after sunset, so Maundy Thursday ended up in the same category as Christmas Eve. I remember being transfixed by how differently the stained glass looked without light on the other side. Dark and haunting.

Tonight we're starting with a meal, and then move into the sanctuary for another meal. After that, the lights will dim and we'll start telling the story of what happened after. The choir will sing "'Tis Midnight, and on Olive's Brow" and "Ah, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended," among other things.

I will offer a Communion meditation. I think I'm going to talk about the stained glass, and how even though the glass is all dark and haunting and the scriptures we're about to hear are all devastating and hopeless, in a few days we will gather again in the same place, and everything will be different. There will be light refracting rainbows onto the sanctuary tile, and good news.

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