The Boringest Blog in the World

I know you're still here, because sitemeter tells me so. But I also know there hasn't been much to read lately. The last popular post was the one I sacrificed my spinal health to write.

I go through this phase a couple times a year, the phase in which I think my blog is blogged out, and that the proper thing to do is close up shop and make room for better bloggers. It's usually after I state this publicly that I start feeling like writing again, so maybe this is the rain dance.

The thing is, this site keeps changing on me - or rather, its role and purpose in my life keeps changing. At the beginning, it was little more than an experiment, a test to see if having a public forum would get me writing more. During my first year of ministry, I took it a lot more seriously. For the first time in twenty years, I didn't have the structure of school to hold me together. I had leftover academic momentum and lots of new things to process, and it was a place to think and connect to my heart's desire. Now, again, it's different. My pastoral role has changed. I'm no longer primarily an observer, but I'm pretty deeply involved in the whole life of the church. It's not just that I'm busier. I'm genuinely invested in this congregation, so much more than I could have been after three or four months on staff.

I also recognize that as great as it is to be invested, I still need a balance. A little extracurricular writing, here and there, keeps me fresh and sane and focused. I hope for more creativity and energy for this little space to match the creativity and energy I'm feeling at church these days. Any day a beautiful renaissance.

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