Here's the Dish(es)

1. Last July, I blogged about our failed attempts at shopping for tableware. I really wanted to save my grandmother's Desert Rose set for special occasions, but Ben and I could not agree on a pattern. I wanted kitschy Corelle; he drooled over pricey Kate Spade. We finally have our everyday dishes, and we both agree they are pretty sharp: black paisley stoneware from Target. They were cheap, but that's okay; I imagine their shelf life will be roughly equivalent to the shelf life of our desire to eat on paisley.2. Another new favorite from Target: that British Boots brand of face soaps and cosmetics. I rarely come across a facial product that makes a noticable difference, but the two Botanics line products I picked up are absolutely fabulous. Facial polish and then my favorite, the Vitamin Recovery Mask. It smells good, feels good, and dude, my cheeks are soft. The only unfortunate thing about the Target-Boots deal: a Boots Lady staffs the aisle five days a week. Is this just a SoCal thing? One of the reasons I am seriously unlikely to ever shop for cosmetics in a department store is that I can't stand having to discuss products and/or deflect sales pitches and/or advice from the Makeup Counter Ladies.

3. On a related note, a couple weeks ago I was at Target on a Saturday night (yes, it was the frantic anti-dust mite night). There was an enormous black stretch Hummer limo parked in the lot. Is this just a SoCal thing, too?

4. I. can. not. wait. for. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!!!!! It is one of many movies coming out that I'm jazzed about. The whole series hits me right where the Princess Bride hit me, back in the day. Fun stuff, and oh that Johnny. :-)

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