Moving On

I was going to update the rotten Apple saga, but a more interesting topic has emerged. Amanda, an dear ole friend from Kent State has started a blog and tagged me for a great meme: top five songs. At least of the moment.

1. Would you believe that I'm still fixated on So Much Grace by Allison Sattinger? Believe it.

2. A new favorite: Sign on the Door by Kasey Chambers. I've been a fan of Chambers for quite a while now; she was my gateway artist to all things alt.country. I just recently tracked down a used copy of Carnival, and I've probably listened to this track fifty times since. It is super singable and gives me chills it feels so exultant and revelatory. The chorus: "Open up the up the sky/ All gather around/ Praise the lord and/ Take a look at what i found/ (I got a) love thats as big as raging storm/ I got walls coming down that I don't need no more/ I got a sign on the door that says/ Lonely don't live here anymore." I play it in the car at inappropriate decibels.

3. An old favorite: Latter Days, by the band I scarely need to mention but will anyway: Over the Rhine. I guess seven years isn't that long to have loved a song in the grand scheme of things, but it's just the start of a very long romance with a very wonderful band.

4. Man in Black, Johnny Cash. Everything I love about the man and the music wrapped up in one perfect song.

5. Church nerd favorite: For the Beauty of the Earth, John Rutter, composer.

I tag Mama & Ben. And anyone else who needs an excuse to write about music.

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