Yesterday I was working on my sermon on the MacBook. Suddenly there
was a frozen screen accompanied by much whirling and clicking of inner
computer parts. The nice Canadian AppleCare guy talked me through a
couple troubleshooting procedures, none of which permeated the
brokenness of the computer. We went to the Apple store last night for
more of the same - I just love it when the officially-appointed
"Genius" admits he's batting zero. It's a hard drive problem, which
they would be more than happy to fix (in a week, when the part comes
in) but they don't do data recovery. So we'll be calling the Mac911
store in an hour when it opens to make an appointment to get the hard
drive replaced (under warranty) plus the data recovered (not under
warranty). Wouldn't you know that I just got that .Mac account
(perfect for comprehensive back-up) but hadn't yet learned how to use

(We seem to be all about life lessons here these days. Replace your
pillows and back up your files.)

So for the time being, we're on our trusty old grape iMac, circa
1999. It has had hard drive problems, too, but *D* rebuilt it so it
hasn't fermented yet. Bonus: we'd pulled it out of the closet last year when
our PC laptop perished, and at some point I imported some photos of
Deacon. I'd forgotten about them. They are mostly shots of Deacon
trying to be a lap dog - albeit a 60lb lap dog. But then there's the
lion shot...

Big yawn. Good dog.

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