Funny Man

Gary Gulman. Heard of him? He's only the funniest man alive. And he's not too hard to look at, either. In his stand-up DVD, where you usually see an audience mostly full of guys who've dragged along their girlfriends, Gary's audience consists of row after row of smitten women. We got aquainted with Mr. Gulman when he was a finalist on Last Comic Standing (THE MAN WAS ROBBED). He can make Fig Newtons sound like the funniest thing you've ever heard of. He's all about pointing out the inanity of all things ordinary, and I just love it. Like when he reminisces about his his elementary school teacher locked up the safety scissors but failed to sound the alarms about the papercutter in the back of the room that was "capable of beheading a cow." I am not really a fan of stand-up, but I could watch listen to Gary Gulman all day. Do yourself a favor and rent Gary Gulman: Boyish Man next time a little pick-me-up is in order. (Sigh.)

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