The Worst Hold Music Ever (This is Not a Music Monday Post)

There is a lovely little communications company that starts with a "V" and ends with "erizon" that has managed to irritate and/or infuriate me far too often. From the very start of our business relationship, when they shipped three modems our way, and billed us for all of them as a ransom to make sure I'd schlep down to the post office to return their weird mistake, the big V has added significant weight to the administrative cross I bear.

I won't even go into fiasco V.2, because I have my blood pressure to consider.

This new botched interaction is turning into a monumental waste of time. Nearly two weeks ago I called to issue an ever-so-slightly complicated request: cancel line 2, and transfer DSL from line 2 to line 1. I was given every assurance that my request was heard and would be processed, and was even treated to not one but two phone messages (one robotic, one human) enthusiastically affirming the transaction. And then it did not happen as promised. I already spent 45 minutes on hold last week in an unsuccessful attempt to straighten it out, and here I am again with the phone lodged between my shoulder and my increasingly fried ear drum. The hold music for their DSL billing department is not only horrible, but it's also grossly repetitive. I think it loops every two and a half minutes, which means that I have heard the same lame synthesized junk enough times to necessitate surgical removal of said tune from my brain.

They had no record of the request to cancel line 2. None whatsoever. Conveniently, we were slated to simply pay for our new line 1 DSL in addition to paying for our continued service - DSL and all- on line 2.

I'm going to spend the rest of my hold time (yes, still on hold) copying the following sentence four hundred times: I will not take it out on the poor unsuspecting DSL billing agent.

Edited to add:
I finally hung up the phone at 3:40, a whole hour after I started typing this post. I had already been on the phone for 20-25 minutes trying to troubleshoot the line 1 DSL before I was transferred.

Before I got off the phone, I asked for the phone number for the customer complaint department. Despite the fact that my neck hurts and my ear is all phone-hot, I called the number immediately. And do you want to know what the automated voice said? Welcome to Big Communications Company Compliments Line. The nerve!

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