Puggle Playdate

Today our friends Shelly and Adam brought their puggle, Hogan, over for a grill-out and a puggle playdate. Hogan is the puggle that got us thinking we might want one of our own.

Here are the boys (Hogan in black, Atticus in red):
Here are the boys playing rough, and having a whole lot of fun in the process:
Here are the boys and their big mouths:And here they are again playing so nice with the water bowl:
And finally, tired out, they rest in the shade.
Puggles are super fun. Even though they ran around like crazy circus monkeys, they never once pushed each other too far - no yelps or snarls all day. Atticus got tired out a few times - he's older and fatter - but this whole puggle playdate thing (and the BBQ as well) was a complete success.

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