Ten on Tuesday

1. Catching up while preparing to leave town is a drag.
2. We decided a few months ago to go halvsies with the church to take out the worn-out carpeting in the parsonage and either lay down laminate or, in the case of hidden hard wood, refinish the existing wood. The second option is cheaper, and ever-so-exciting to one who loves hard wood floors as much as I do. A corner carpet-lift recently revealed wood (can I add here that the thought of carpeting over hard wood floors boggles my mind?). Mitigating dust mites is going to be that much easier! Of course, it's going to be quite a process getting there...
3. Going away to churchy events makes me a fiesty preacher. I was on fire last Sunday.
4. Hardly anything fits me anymore/ yet. Marie, I am living in my purple birthday dress. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
5. My friend Lindsey is moving to Baltimore tomorrow. Sad for us but great for her, as she's starting grad school for graphic design.
6. Elizabeth finally caught up on a month's worth of pictures and stories. So glad they're finally getting settled.
7. The Trumpet Child ships soon, and you can even listen to it in full on the Over the Rhine website. It's smokin' good.
8. Nothing is more demoralizing than not being able to find help for someone who needs and wants it.
9. Even so, I think I like my job more than ever.
10. I took this Myers-Briggsish quiz today (thanks to Cheesehead for the link), in a much-needed bout of recovery/procrastination. I have a terrible time answering the questions related to intro-/extraversion, because for me it is completely situational. But for what it's worth:
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