The Baby Lowdown

Conveying big news through PhotoBooth snapshots is uber-fun. I recommend it highly. So postmodern.

Yup, we're having a baby, due January 18, 2008. I just slipped into the second trimester with no major hiccups along the way - ultrasounds okay, heartbeat like clockwork. My heartbeat is a little iffier; I have a murmur that needs a little extra attention, but so far so good. I am exceedingly grateful for the current respite from morning/afternoon/evening sickness. The whole Scrubbs thing got started when I could barely peel myself from the couch.

Yes, we knew we were having a baby when we adopted Atticus. We are dog people. We need a dog. We're hopeful that the little guy will be fully adjusted before the littler guy (or girl) comes along. We've gotten some great advice (thanks, Jill!) and are going to make it work (thanks, Tim Gunn!).

We'll keep you posted. There are a few choice Crazy Pregnant Lady stories to tell - one that I excel in recounting, and one that Ben narrates especially well. Perhaps we'll have the proud papa-to-be guest blog to tell you all about Vanilla milkshakes.

Thanks for the well-wishes. It was fun to share it with you, world wide web.

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