1. The girl-baby's nose looks kind of big in the ultrasound. Neither Ben or I have particularly large noses, so we're thinking she'll grow into it by the time she makes her first appearance.

2. LastFM is way cool.

3. Ben just found out that a letter he wrote to Allen Ginsberg is included in the Stanford University Library special collections archive. Apparently, Ginsberg sold a bunch of his papers to the University. It has its own folder and everything. We are going to have to make a pilgrimage to Stanford at some point to look it up.

4. Over the Rhine comes to L.A. in one week! And it looks like I'm going to make the Sunday night show in the O.C. as well. I asked a woman I met through the Orchard (OtR's message board) if she'd be up for going with me, and she's game. If I weren't a preacher with, like, bills and responsibilities and stuff, I'd totally be going to both Saturday night shows in San Diego, as well.

5. Yes, they really are that good live. If you have a high speed internet connection, download this. They are a taper-friendly band; bootlegs allowed. This one is of especially good sound quality.

6. I have a sermon to write, once again, even though today is my "day off." I'm thinking the time has come to switch back to Mondays off, because I've been spending too many Fridays with my New Interpreter's Bible. There would be no danger of unwanted sermon-writing activity if I were taking Mondays off.

7. Atticus may be half the size of Deacon, but he stinks at least twice as much.

8. I have had precisely two mild twinges of "if only I weren't pregnant" sentiments: one, not being able to go to Ohio the week after Christmas, and two, Vera Wang's new collection at Kohl's.

9. My husband is Employee of the Month for all of the California offices of his organization. Yay, husband.

10. I really should get to that sermon.

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