Pregnant Lady Fashion Show

I finally broke down and bought a dress for full price at Target the other day. I've been gawking at it every time I breeze through the clearance maternity racks, and finally realized that the odds of it going on sale before all the mediums sold out were not in my favor. I intended to wear it to the (amazingwonderfulspectacular) Over the Rhine show on Friday night, but inclement weather called for jeans. So it got a first run today. I love the golden yellow ribbon, and the fact that I definitely look pregnant in it.

So my dear friend Allison, who is a musician and leather jeweler, came to church today with her fiance, Anthony. I get all nervous when friends and family visit, and today was no exception. But she's super sweet and supportive, so there was nothing to worry about. And she came bearing a gift, a gorgeous necklace from her collection. It's the same golden yellow as the ribbon on the dress, and it has the word GRACE emblazoned on it. It's just lovely. I never want to take it off (though I will, as Allison points out the leather jewelry shouldn't really get too wet). What a morning.

The stylin' dress and necklace combo called for a backyard fashion show and shoot. It was a little too sunny for very good photographs, but you get the gist.

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