Thanks, Amazon

Today after church I ran home and logged onto Amazon to place a second order of books for our upcoming study on Unbinding the Gospel. During announcements I said that it was the most important educational event in the life of the congregation, ever. And now I'm doubling our order! I have half a mind to say that every time we have a new study, but I think they might catch on to me.

So anyway, after I placed the order, the page of recommended books came up. Apparently, the algorithms at Amazon believe that I am in need of reading a book called "The Depleted Self." Curious as to why I'm a candidate for such a book, I clicked on the "why is this recommended to me?" link. And wouldn't you know, this book is recommended because of a particular seminary textbook I purchased a few years ago. I have newfound respect for algorithms, for I never needed a book about my depleted self as much as I did after that bear of a class.

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