The Wonderdinner

One of my favorite meals- for real- is a big salad. I adored my college cafeteria for the same reason Souplantation is on my top-ten list of restaurants: they both feature fully stocked and very fresh salad bars. However, I've only rarely fixed salads for meals at home, because they just aren't much fun without forty feet of ingredients from which to choose. With two people, we can't really keep up with a whole bunch of fresh vegetables, so variety suffers.

Enter the aforementioned George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. I am still more than mildly obsessed with this contraption. Along with our salad spinner, it has revolutionized my kitchen. If I had to save two inanimate objects from a burning kitchen, they would be the lucky ones. But the great thing is that I'm way less likely to burn the kitchen down when I'm cooking with George! Anyway, one of our new go-to meals is the Extra Large Caesar Chicken Salad. It seriously takes ten minutes, and is delicious! healthy! fun! (Well, probably not "fun," but I felt like I needed a third adjective.)

Here's the drill:

Salt and Pepper the chicken breasts, slap 'em on the grill, and set the kitchen timer for eight minutes.

Pull out the lettuce & shredded carrots, and send 'em through the spinner.

Sprinkle greens with fresh grated Parmesan or Romano cheese. (None of that green canned cheese. Go for the good stuff.)

Top with slivered almonds (This is in lieu of croutons, not only because they are healthier and add more protein, but also because I am generally not a fan of what are clearly little squares of stale bread).

When the timer goes, slice up chicken breasts and add them to the pile.

Drizzle with Caesar Dressing.

YUM. And under ten minutes!

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