The Scrapbooker's Almanac... CONTEST!

My sister Elizabeth's book is coming out in a couple days. It's called The Scrapbooker's Almanac, and it is really, really cool. All of the projects in the book are based on days of the year - a few well-known holidays, but also lots of lesser-known ones like World Hello Day. There are also projects inspired by birthdays - Ansel Adams, etc. I got to see all the projects in person last spring, and I was exceedingly impressed. (And not just because it has lots of pictures of my family in it.)

The book is released on November 1st, so in addition to taking pre-orders, there's a bunch of cool promotions going on. You can enter a contest to win the book (and some scrapbooking materials), you can use your powers of persuasion to convince the editor of Simple Scrapbooks that you deserve to win the book (oh, whoops, they already picked the winners) or you can check out these previews. Then, during the month of November, Elizabeth will be hosting the Simple Studio Blog, where more books and great, creative ideas will be given away freely.

And there's another chance to win a copy of the book - right here, where the odds are way better than the big contests. Post a comment and I'll put all the names in a hat on October 31st to draw the lucky winner.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

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