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Last night Ben and I broke our no eating out rule and, um, ate out. We were tired out from moving the bulk of the contents of our house into the back room, as this is the week the floors get done. (My poor parents traveled all the way across the country only to be put to work. Thank you, Mama and Daddy!)

My first thought was the local Mexican restaurant, as they have $3 beef tamales that are really, really good and more than enough food for one person. The wait at La Capilla was 45 minutes.

We went in search of speedier grub. I was uncharacteristically up for something new. We drove by a place called Curry House, which was situated, ungloriously, in a strip mall. It was packed, though, so we figured it must be good. Still, we were seated in under five minutes. I have never eaten at a Japanese curry place, and had no idea what to order. I went for the gratin plate, which was described as a baked cheese and rice thing, with sides of salad and garlic bread and corn chowder. Dear reader, I love food. When I am eating good food I am utterly enraptured. I was utterly enraptured last night. It was the best corn chowder I've ever eaten, and the Japanese salad dressing was of the gingery, peanuty ilk that makes me go wild. I adored my dinner, and said so enough times to drive my poor husband crazy.

Guess what. Curry House is owned by a company that also sells tofu and such, so they post recipes on their website. They have a corn chowder recipe that takes ten minutes to prepare, and if it turns out to be the same thing I ate last night, I'm going to volunteer to be the new Curry House spokesperson. I'll invest in a video camera and make infomercials for YouTube. I will go by the handle currygirl98 and make up new Curry House jingles every Friday.

Incidentally, I haven't eaten dinner yet, and I think my current hunger is going to my head.

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