Shower Power

Goodness gracious, what a day.

My congregation threw a baby shower for us today, and what a shower it was. These are, after all, the same people who stocked the parsonage with a year's worth of toilet paper - among other things - before we moved in. They are seriously generous.

I'm still pretty speechless over this one. As I have previously mentioned, Ben and I are completely fixated on all things Nikki McClure. We have NM prints in nearly every room of the house, and pretty soon there will be three framed posters up in the baby room. Karen & Cody C., the dynamic aunt-and-niece duo, made us a quilt set based on one of her children's books, The Great Chicken Escape. (Apparently we'd mentioned in NM in passing and they starting researching - we had no idea this was coming.) I can't get over the fabrics - chickens, and a black-and-white print that actually looks like her papercutting style. They even sewed a pocket into one of the pillows to hold the book. Behold:

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