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I have a horrible combination of personality traits. I am not remotely detail-oriented, but I am also a perfectionist. Which is to say I make a lot of dumb mistakes and then get very mad at myself for doing so.

We have a lot of momentum at church right now toward evangelism and church publicity. We're trying to be more intentional about welcoming visitors and sharing important information about the church in a helpful, inviting way. Enter the Great Mug Project. The idea is not original, but nevertheless perfect for us: have a whole bunch of mugs printed with our name, logo, and website, stuff them with a brochure, current newsletter, and little gift, and hand them out to any and all visitors who come for Sunday worship. And, to cover the cost of the mugs, sell some to members for a modest profit.

The mugs came yesterday. I was completely psyched when I saw the four large boxes marked "fragile," and couldn't wait to break them open and see how they turned out. It isn't every day we actually act on our good ideas, let alone as expeditiously as we did this time.

The verdict: I am an idiot. When I looked over the proof, I missed a typo. A tiny typo. There is no dot after the www in our website. Though I missed it in the proof, it was so blaringly obvious on the mug that it may as well have been accompanied by a trumpet fanfare.

I dreamed about those darned mugs nearly all night last night. I say nearly, because I spent a good hour lying in bed awake, trying to convince myself that it's just a dot. But it's just a dot for which I am solely responsible. There is no doubt that it was my fault. A very big part of me wants to make these botched mugs disappear and pay for a new order out of my own pocket, but I have been told by more than one person that it isn't worth it (again, it's just a dot).

I am not taking this well. I just sent off an email to my mother apologizing for being a "raving lunatic" on the phone this morning. And yes, I know there are MUCH more important things in the world than missing dots.

In addition to commiserating with me this morning, the chair of the elders also reminded me that the cornerstone of our fellowship hall building - the original sanctuary - also has a typo. CHRISTAIN. We certainly didn't tear the building down to make a new one sans misspelling. So maybe I am just continuing a long tradition of poor proofreading skills.


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