Random Friday Evening Thoughts

1. The nursery is seriously shaping up. It is fun to create a space inspired by art.
2. Our last Lamaze class included yet another vivid and hysterical image. We watched this video of fathers describing childbirth, new parenting, etc. One of the guys said that watching his wife give birth was surreal, like watching a sewing machine levitate to the ceiling and turn into a pig. Once again, Ben and I were the only ones laughing out loud. I almost had to leave the room because I couldn't get it together.
3. I am on an anti-chemical leaching tear. I read an article that said old Nalgene bottles leach more Bisphenol-A, which some people think is Very Bad (and some people, i.e., the government, do not seem concerned with). I've been using the same Nalgene since the year 2000. I did decide to stick with the Lexan ones, but from now on they will be replaced annually. I also discovered that it is Very Bad to use scratched nonstick cookware, and that even unscathed nonstick cookware leaches chemicals at high temperatures. So the majority of our pots and pans will be disappearing come next trash day, and from now on we'll be using more butter and more elbow grease with our new non-nonstick stainless steel set.
4. I think I know who I'd like to be the next president.
5. Dear authors of Your Pregnancy Week by Week: I was not aware that my popping bellybutton was "unsightly," and that I should be taping or bandaiding it down. I was under the incorrect impression that pregnant lady bellybuttons were cute. Thank you for clearing this up for me.

And now, back to the sermon. Because that's what I do on Friday nights.

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