The Lakes and Territories of the Greater 2008

I hardly have words to describe the sublime coolness of this funky find from Buy Olympia. Behold The Lakes and Territories of the Greater 2008, a map of the year illustrated by Lart Cognac Berliner.

I've been sitting on this raving blog post for awhile now, because it isn't very clever to blog about something you're giving away as a gift, and I did give a couple of these out this year. This concept delights me to no end. It comes folded up as any map would, but the land it illustrates is time. How far will we have traveled when our daughter arrives? What will it mean to swim through half of June? Will there be a mountain in December from which to catch a glimpse of The Sea of Our Past on the horizon?

So, so, so cool. Ours is framed in the bedroom. At the end of the year we'll flip it over to the whimsical illustrations on the reverse side, but we'll always have a map of where we were in 2008. There's still time for you to have one, too. Hurry up and skedaddle to Buy Olympia.

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