I'm Not Preaching Tomorrow Miscellany

I'm not preaching tomorrow, so I have no sermon to finish up tonight. It's a strange feeling.

In the meantime, here are some random tidbits. (I seem to do most of my thinking in random tidbits these days.)

1. I may have to give in to the terrific cuteness of this t-shirt, once I have a waist again:
One thing about puggles, which this t-shirt captures oh-so-well, is their perfect head-tilt. It doesn't get any better than that head-tilt.

2. I have a new hobby fixation: checking the posted paperwork on any and all elevators I ride in. I cannot resist the temptation, even when I have to politely shove my way over to the little plastic-covered county form and turn my head sideways to read it. Dude. Dude! Do you realize how many elevators are significantly past their inspection dates? I haven't been keeping records (if I start doing so, this might be worse than a fixation), but I reckon its over half of all lifts. I'm not sure to whom I should be reporting these overdue inspections, if in fact I do reach that point. The building managers? The county department?

3. I'm reading the 2007 Best American Non-Required Reading (though taking a break because Practically Perfect in Every Way arrived and I could not resist its considerable charm). The introduction by Sufjan Stevens is quite possibly worth the price of the book.

4. For the immediate future, I have put the kabosh on any more games of Oxford Dilemma, a board game we picked up for half off at Borders as a Christmas present to ourselves. It only has so many questions, and we're going to max it out if we're not careful (we've been known to do this with Trivial Pursuit, which is why we have to keep investing in new editions). It's complicated to a fault - it took more than a little rereading of the instructions to figure out all the rules - but it's a delightful combination of a spelling bee and Monopoly.

5. We drove to Studio City today to Caioti Pizza Cafe, which is regionally famous for The Salad. Supposedly eating The Salad makes one go into The Labor. I hear Sunday's child is full of grace...

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