Watching the Pot

I know I'm not yet to my due date (that would be the unbelievably far-off January 18th), but I am totally ready to be on the other side of gravida 1. Last week's visit to the doctor lead me to believe that labor is likely sooner rather than later, but then I went on a slew of pregnant lady forums and read scary stories of similar status pregnancies dragging on for weeks longer. I have the anxious, impatient feeling of watching the pot, and said feeling tries to convince me that the water is never going to boil. But the water has to boil. As spunky, brilliant Juno-the-character said in spunky, brilliant Juno-the-movie, "They were talking in health class about how pregnancy can lead to an infant."

Boil, darnit, boil. Uncle! Uncle!


Here are a few things I'm keeping my mind occupied in the four minutes out of each day I am not obsessing about all things pregnancy/labor/lack-of-labor/baby.

1. The presidential campaign of 2008. I'm actually rather enjoying it. We watched almost all of the debates on Saturday night, and they succeeded in changing my mind. I'm now undecided, and for a good reason: I can see myself wholeheartedly supporting more than one of the candidates. Of course, the one I like the most is least likely to be in the running much longer, but I'm holding out hope for a vice presidential bid.

2. Yesterday was my last day in the pulpit for six weeks. As someone who identifies so strongly as a preacher, I have some ambivalence about that. But as someone who identifies so strongly as a moderately lazy procrastinator, I'll survive. I am going to get a little antsy if She comes late; I hope for as much of my maternity leave as possible to happen postpartum. Whoops, this is supposed to be non-pregnancy-related.

3. Speaking of ambivalence, I'm giving up ambivalence about the internet for good. I'm so delighted by the relationships I've developed and/or sustained through the web, as well as by such gems as GoodReads and Skype, that I'm just done being sheepish about the role of the internet in my life. Of course, it's never a good thing to spend too much time at the compuiter, etc., but I hereby declare that the internet in moderation = a good thing.

4. If you miss The Office as much as I do (desperately!!!), you must follow this link. I gave Ben a portrait of Dwight Schrute for his birthday.

I guess my four minutes are up. Is the water boiling yet?

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