Oh, how glorious it is to be past the awful back pain. I had more than a few despairing episodes last week, as I'm just not used to having to function while in pain. I don't do pain well, not at all. But now I'm feeling like a moderately normal human being, for the first time since, oh, I don't know, I found out I was pregnant? This morning I took Juliette to the local Hallmark P.O. and bought stamps, just like an ordinary person might do. (Incidentally, real post offices are for the birds. I'm such a fan of the mini-P.O tucked in the back of a card shop. The lines are never, ever long.)

Part of my good mood is due to the big fat gift Juliette gave us last night: a nearly 7-hour stretch of sleep. On her part, not ours - we were each up a few times to make sure she was still breathing. I started reading Dr. Weissbluth's baby sleep manifesto yesterday, and apparently Juliette took the cue to heart. That said, I hold no illusions that this will become habit yet. Oh, and that was the second big fat gift of the day - she also took her first bottle, which is a major and necessary accomplishment given my quickly approaching return to work.

Church was quite the experience on Sunday. J. Lou is like a little rock star - we were swarmed as we made our way into the Narthex. Her first hymn was Great is Thy Faithfulness. She made it through most of the service successfully. When the bell choir played the chord for our a cappella Doxology, her eyes flew open and I could tell where things were going. During the Words of Institution she was being noisy in the diaper way, and at the end of the Lord's Prayer she started winding up to wail. We fled to the new "cry room" - the bride's room that has been outfitted with a Pack N' Play for the two church babies. Nice.

I'm sitting here with another Firefox window open, exploring the possibility of cloth diapers. The people who do it make it seem so easy, and it certainly would save us some serious cash, let alone subtract approximately 6000 diapers from our local landfill. Hmm.

This time last year we had just returned from Europe. My, how things have changed.

(This is really a numbered post in disguise; I just left out the numbers. Really, I will regain my ability to write more than a short paragraph about any given subject soon. Promise.)

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