Monday Miscellany

1. Ben returned to work today. I find myself looking around for the adult. Certainly I'm not the one in charge...

2. Juliette weighed a whopping 8lb, 5oz on Saturday morning. That girl is working on some enviable cheek chub.

3. Dear God, thank you for lactation consultants. Amen.

4. I am not remotely into football, and yet I can't tell you how glad I am that the darling Manning boy and his teammates trounced the insidious NE Patriots. And how sweet it was to see that other darling Manning boy rooting for his little brother so wholeheartedly. We Persheys like the Mannings so much that Ben uncharacteristically bought Oreo cookies because Eli and Peyton were on the package having their lick-the-center-faster contest.

5. The CA primary is tomorrow, and I'm still undecided. I'm also undecided as to how much I intend to chatter about presidential politics this season on ye olde blog; before I was a pastor I chattered unabashedly. It's not like this blog is at all church-related, but it's not anonymous, and I've become rather conservative about airing my liberalism publicly. Not that one can be religious or talk religion without involving politics, as the gospel is inherently political. Itchy subject. Hmm.

6. I finished reading my first post-baby book: The Used World, by Haven Kimmel. It was such a relief to love this book, considering how much I adored The Solace of Leaving Early and did not adore Something Rising (Light and Swift). Kimmel writes so darned well, and employs her seminary education in a way that makes this seminary educated girl deliriously happy and not a little jealous. She writes the way I wish I could write.

7. Lisa comes tomorrow! Yay for visitors from the East.

8. Juliette, Juliette, Juliette. Juliette.

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