Still Here

1. My back is in a state of limbo; much like Rami and Chris March, it is neither "in" nor "out." (My apologies to the non-Project Runway fans for whom that reference is meaningless.) It hurts, but nowhere near like it did from Monday night til midday Thursday. This is a new development; usually once the spasms subside it returns to a normal state. Sigh.

2. One more "woe is us" moment: because it isn't enough for one parent to be doubled over in pain, Ben concurrently developed a gargantuan migraine. He's better now. We were in quite a state, though.

3. I read Nick Hornby's Housekeeping vs. The Dirt in the space of 24 hours, and only while sitting in the rocking chair while nursing/cuddling/etc. Granted, it's a short book, but that tells you just how much time we are spending in the chair. Little Juliette laughs heartily in the face of any expert who dares estimate that newborns eat every 2-4 hours. (By the by, I got to read this book because the brilliant and exceedingly well-read Melanie at Lit*Chick offered to send me her copy. Yet another instance of How the Internet Brings Lovely People Into My Life.)

4. We're planning to go to church tomorrow. I've hardly gone anywhere yet, save for trips to the pediatrician and chiropractor. So it shall be an adventure for sure. The poor folks at church are beside themselves that they haven't met Juliette yet. As I'll not only be going to church but presiding and preaching and such the first week of March, we need a little practice going places.

5. I decided on a candidate, and having cast my vote, I'm feeling sort of invested in said candidate's success.

6. There are a handful of more thoughtful posts in my mental queue, posts that don't require numbered organization. I'll get to them at some point...

7. I have a wonderful husband. Really wonderful.

8. Juliette, in her girliest outfit yet:

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