Day Off (!?)

Today I'm having a bona fide day off, because... [drum roll]... I'M DONE WITH MY SERMON. Seriously. I can't remember the last time I finished a sermon so early. It will probably wear off, but having a baby around has thrown me into a must-be-efficient frenzy. I administered, I pastored, I sermonized, and now I'm going to seriously enjoy the sabbath. Pretty soon the whole family is heading out to Santa Monica, where Mama is going to get her hair cut at a fancy-shmancy place called Scissors. I won a gift certificate at a fundraiser over a year and a half ago, and am feeling the need to cash it in for a fiercer haircut. I'm not entirely decided between a supershort pixie or the old standby Gwyneth Paltrow/ Sliding Doors cut. I'm bringing both pictures of both possibilities with me, and may just let the stylist decide.

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