Ten on It's-Almost-Tuesday

1. Sunday morning went rather well. The sermon wasn't great, but thankfully there was a baby wearing a velour jacket trimmed with fake fur creating a distraction with her unbearable cuteness of being. Yeah, I know I can't use that one too often.

2. That baby? She's twelve pounds now, and has mostly graduated to the 3-6 month clothes.

3. On the subject of weight, I've lost a heck of a lot of weight - close to thirty pounds, counting the baby herself. Which puts me at four pounds more than what I weighed before I lost ten pounds in 2006. Which sounds a lot better than saying I still have fourteen pounds to lose. I'm eating big healthy meals and big healthy bowls of ice cream every day, so I'm really not trying - but neither am I complaining.

4. I am complaining about the fact that I don't fit into any of my non-maternity pants despite the heck of a lot of weight I've lost.

5. I am reading The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai. It's a Man Booker prize winner, and a National Book Critics Circle award winner. It's well-written, yet completely not likable. I'm almost halfway through and it isn't getting any more enjoyable. It totally stinks to be halfway through a book you don't like. So far, the plan is to proceed. With reluctance.

6. I consolidated bags on Sunday morning to keep the stuff I had to carry from home to church to a minimum. Not wanting to wrinkle my sermon manuscript but bereft of a proper folder in which to transport it, I tucked it into a Good Housekeeping magazine and shoved it into the diaper bag. I wish I could go back and tell this to my fifteen-year-old self, who fancied herself such a properly angsty, agnostic, and "alternative" rebel of a teenager. Joke's on you, kid.

7. Speaking of angsty teenagers, I adored My So-Called Life. I thought it was brilliant. I was Angela and Angela was me. How the same people could be behind the abysmal new TV show quarterlife is beyond me. And while I do have blogging in common with the incredibly annoying protagonist of the show, I don't think she subscribes to Good Housekeeping. So maybe I'm just not "relating."

8. I missed Saturday Night Live, I really did. I love SNL even when it's bad, but these past couple weeks have been great. Tina Fey is one of my most favorite famous people.

9. I'm still dumbfounded that Nicolas Sarcozy and Carla Bruni got married. Carla Bruni, the French pop star who mysteriously appeared in our iPod to our great delight, is now the First Lady of France. If you haven't read anything about their nuptials, it's a story worth googling.

10. Tomorrow should be fun, eh? Oh, whoops, I mean TODAY should be fun, because I'm pretending it's Tuesday. Here's to another night of failing to resist the siren call of CNN's ridiculously overblown coverage.

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