Random is the Best I Can Do

1. Though no longer a fangirl, I am unusually invested in Mariah Carey's success. When I was thirteen or so, and exceedingly into M.C. (oh, how I loved "Emotions"), my Mama made some comment about how she was a flash in the pan. Apparently she just surpassed Elvis for #1 singles. So there, eghch!

2. The phrase "so there, eghch!" is what Willis girls say to one another to make a point. I might not have the spelling quite right.

3. Ben and I are completely immersed in the mafia right now. Er, mafia entertainment, that is. We're one disc into the first season of the Sopranos, and since I realized pretty quickly how lame it is to watch the Sopranos without the benefit of having seen the Godfather(s) I, II, and III, we're working on those, too. I figured I might as well toss Goodfellas on the queue, too. You got a problem with that?

4. I was politely reminded this week that I am a wee little fish in a not particularly large pond. Rejection stinks.

5. Lest anyone was on pins and needles about our diapering decisions, we've opted to go with a cloth diaper service, at least for the time being. It is a little more expensive than disposables and a lot more expensive than washing cloth diapers ourselves, but we've decided that it's worth it. And while every system has its environmental impact, Dydee Diaper processes the diapers using a little less than one toilet flush of water per day per baby, and delivers them to our doorstep using a vehicle that runs on natural gas. Plus, they're a local company in an industry that is all but extinct. (If any local readers ever decide to contract with DDS, tell them I sent you and I'll earn a free week!)

6. To offset the diaper expense, we made another decision: to cancel our subscription to the LA Times. But have no worries, we're not giving it up. We realized that we could just as easily buy it while we're out walking Atticus each morning; there's a Seven Eleven just a wee bit further than we usually go. We'll save a chunk of change on delivery costs, and still have it in time for breakfast.

7. Atticus. He's a good dog with a seriously unpleasant, though thankfully not life-threatening, condition. I won't go into the details because they are just too gross, but he'll be having a little surgery next week which will hopefully improve the quality of life of our whole household.

8. Diapers and mystery dog surgery: my blog is simply FASCINATING these days.

9. Perhaps this will make up for it. I made a baby and a sweater:

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