New Office Manager

So we have a new office manager at church, and I totally have a crush on him. He's handsome, hard working, overqualified, and has a great sense of humor. Every Monday the office manager takes notes while I brainstorm for my to-do list; this week he put "ketchup on emails" on the list, which made me giggle every time I went to catch up on emails. He has red hair, too. Be still my heart.

Tee hee. He also has the same last name as me. Yes, Ben is the new office manager at church. And it's a fantastic arrangement for everyone involved. He works mornings a few days a week, and for most of those days, we carpool together along with our four-month-old office assistant, Juliette. We tag team baby care; there have only been a few days where she wasn't in a particularly cooperative mood. On days when I need to stay in the office longer, Ben clocks out and takes Juliette to the library or the pier; it generally works out that I work afternoons and all day Wednesdays sans baby/Ben. I am taking full advantage of the flexibility of ministry, but also working harder and more efficiently than I ever have. So far, its a win-win-win situation, for the church, for us, and for Juliette. Plus, working fewer hours means Ben gets to start taking classes at the local Cal State campus; he's only 12 classes from a BA.

I love that boy.

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