Bread, Bread, Bread

After seriously considering the possibility of going the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day route, I decided on a bread machine after all. In fact, I hadn't completely made up my mind - I was waiting to see how the ABiFMaD route worked out for Elizabeth, who bought that book about 30 seconds after I added it to my GoodReads to-read list. But then a barely-used Williams-Sonoma bread machine showed up on Craigslist for cheap, and I pounced. Since then, I've made two wheat loaves, one banana loaf, and one white loaf, and there's another white loaf mixing now.


Everything has been 100% yummy. The measuring of the ingredients gets easier every time (I have approximately four prior baking experiences, and therefore very little skill parsing the Tbsp's from the tsp's). I think it is a real possibility that we could give up store-bought loaves.

And the best part? In an hour, the house is going to smell like fresh bread again. Mmm mmm.

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