Ten on Tueday, Lickety-Split Version

1. It's raining writing projects. The newest is a four-week jaunt on an interfaith panel that will be published in a handful of local newspapers. 150 words each week, in response to potentially controversial questions. Wish me luck, please.

2. I'm starting another four-week series this Sunday- a worship & preaching series on Creation. I am SO jazzed about it, and have been for months. I'll read a children's book retelling the Creation story each week. The texts are Genesis 1, Genesis 2, John 1:1-18, and Revelation 21:1-7. From chaos to Christ to a new heaven & new earth. (Gives me goosebumps!) Part of my inspiration is sort of reactionary; I endorsed an open letter a few years ago stating that the biblical Creation account and the theory of evolution can "coexist comfortably"; that religion and science are "very different but complementary forms of truth." All well and good. But then the organizers of the open letter began advocating its endorsers to observe "Evolution Sunday" once a year. And my brain said: no, the answer is not Evolution Sunday, but Creation Sunday(s).

3. Juliette has learned how to whine. And she does it very well.

4. Juliette got to try out the church Exersaucer for the first time yesterday, and it was a total hit. No whining there. She loves to play, which in her case is 10% batting things and 90% trying to shove them in her mouth. Adorable.

5. My tomatoes are still growing, but they also show signs of early blight. I am going to be so disappointed if I don't get any tomatoes out of this project.

6. The Ting Tings have released their album in the US finally. They are so much fun. "That's Not My Name" never fails to make me dance around the room likely a crazy person.

7. Speaking of music, this is my favorite YouTube video ever, and one of my favorite Allison Sattinger covers yet. "It Had to be You":

8. Eugene Peterson is my new virtual spiritual director. I've pretty much decided I'm going to read everything he's ever written.

9. This Saturday we're going to a polo match.

10. I just realized it's not Tuesday. I guess that's what happens when you slog through the week with a head cold.

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