Ten on Tuesday

1. Ben requested a play for Father's Day. And so I wrote my first one act play, which is titled "You'll Never Guess What I Got You For Father's Day." I cannot overstate the hilarity of this manuscript. It is funny. So now we have a family tradition: Mama gets poetry for Mother's Day, Pops gets a play for Father's Day.

2. The "Ask the Clergy" panel is going relatively well. I recognize that my role is to faithfully represent my congregation, not use the space as a personal soapbox (that's what this is for, right?). And so this is what I said to this week's question: "The members of my church agree on one essential: that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and that he is our Lord and Savior. Beyond that, we interpret the Bible according to our own conscience. Some believe that scripture, while inspired, reflects the worldview of its original context. These Christians believe that God’s love transcends cultural prejudices, and that God blesses loving, monogamous relationships regardless of sexual orientation. Others believe in a literal interpretation of scripture, and maintain that homosexual relations are sinful. Still others fall somewhere between. All are faithful Christians, seeking God’s will through scripture, tradition, reason, and experience. As my church prayerfully discerns how to respond to gay couples seeking the covenant of marriage, I trust we will do so with deep love and respect for one another. Furthermore, we will continue to be a church where all people are joyfully welcomed." I thought it was consummately diplomatic, but then a local colleague contacted me today to commend the answer for being consummately Disciple. Which I think is a lovely compliment, personally.

3. On a related note: Woohoo!!

4. Juliette turned over from her belly to her back today. And both Ben and I were there to see it happen. She was a little bewildered by the sudden cheering and clapping.

5. My poor early-blighted tomatoes:
6. My sweet family:

7. I've been doing a balance ball workout DVD... since I bought the balance ball to use during childbirth and it never even made it out of the car, I figure I better get my money's worth out of it as an exercise tool. I'm surprised by how much I like it, and I can tell that if I keep it up, I'll be in pretty good shape.

8. My Mama is officially retired after years and years of being a high school librarian. Now she's going to write children's books. I can't wait to read them! Congratulations, Mama!

9. This Sunday is Juliette's dedication. My parents and a handful of local friends are coming in for the celebration, and Lara will be doing the blessing. I'm a little anxious, to be honest; not only am I working the preacher/mama thing to the hilt (I have a mid-service wardrobe change in order to wear my robe/stole/cross for preaching and presiding but not for the blessing), but I'm doing so in front of a congregation of friends, family, and church members. But you know what? It's not about me, it's about God. And Juliette. So there.

The Litany of Covenant:
Leader: God has entrusted you with a sacred responsibility.
Parents: We lovingly accept this responsibility.
Congregation: We will help you.
Leader: God has given you the gift of life.
Parents: We will protect and nurture this gift.
Congregation: We will care for you.
Leader: God's love is extravagant and unconditional.
Parents: We will love Juliette, whatever the future may bring.
Congregation: We will be a community of love.
Leader: God longs to be in relationship with us.
Parents: We will pray for Juliette, and teach her how to pray.
Congregation: We will pray with you.
Leader: God revealed himself to us through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.
Parents: We will follow the ways of Jesus.
Congregation: We will be his disciples.
All: Thanks be to God.
(mostly original by Lara & me, with structure and a few borrowed lines from Robert Wagoner.)

10. A Ten on Tuesday that's actually on Tuesday!

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