Ten on Tuesday

1. I'm on "staycation" this week.
2. I really needed it.
3. There is a good possibility that what I needed even more was a non-preaching week to catch up and plan ahead.
4. Translation: I'm having a really hard time not sneaking in work here and there.
5. Am I going to go back next Monday to the same to-do list, one week behind?
6. Maybe... but at least I'll go back refreshed by a week of being a SAHM.
7. Juliette has the best laugh in the whole wide world. She laughs as hard as she cries.
8. I know somebody else who laughs and cries easily...
9. I'm all caught up on printing photos; Snapfish is offering up to 50 1-cent prints this week with this code: JUL4PENNY08
10. Juliette awakes, blog moment over.

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