WASABI (the horror! the horror!)

When I was in seminary, I went out for sushi with my friends Lara and Nadja.

I happily popped a California roll in my mouth, only to discover, to my ABJECT HORROR, that an entire wad of wasabi had attached itself to the bottom of the sushi roll and was presently on my tongue.

I PANICKED. I made an all-out scene, frantically spitting out rice and crab and seaweed and the offending green stuff into my napkin. Lara and Nadja were completely flabbergasted, having no idea as to why I was having a conniption.


After I'd calmed down, Nadja offered me her newfound trauma counseling services (she was in a pastoral care and counseling class on trauma).

I told Elizabeth a long time ago that I'll never feel entirely safe in the world knowing that wasabi is out there.

So what does my darling sister do?

She slips a tube of wasabi in the package of hand-me-downs for Juliette.
I even had a little Willis startle effect, I did.

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